"Light, tree, seed – these are all examples of God’s perfection, the same perfection he’s blessed us with."     "   I once suppressed my inner creative out of fear, taught to question my worth. I once confused innovation for standing out, taught to think being was better than creating. I once confused innovation for selling out. The Risession EP is acceptance, knowledge and growth. I’ve learnt to never be afraid, always innovate and most importantly to earn my worth. I’ve learnt that the only thing an artist should ever starve for is the need to create more.   "     "    Change is constant and a lot of people are afraid to embrace it, instead choosing to live life by a set of rules they were falsely sold.    "      "    Throughout history, the fear of change and innovation has unfortunately often led many to quickly associate different with bad. Rudolph was the pretty black sheep (Reindeer). Genesis is for the pretty black sheep."
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